The Caretaker: Do They Need To Be Cared For, As Well?

There are many, many here in New York have had to care for someone with dementia or an elderly loved one, or perhaps oversee their care. Some choose to hire someone who does home nursing care Floral Park NY, as an alternative option.

However, the common person in all of these situations is the care giver. They are often forgotten, and they work hard while the rest criticize and give their opinions on what needs to be done. Often, they feel that they can’t express their feelings of tiredness, inadequacy or heartbreak, as others will judge them, not understanding all that their job implies.

Being a caregiver is no easy task. The caregiver invests a lot of time, energy, emotion, and more in their work, and as time goes on, they may feel less and less appreciated, the burden of the work, be less enthusiastic, and more.

In short – caregivers are a special type of person. They are able to confront conflicts that others would define as burdens and impossible – every single day.

However, these people are very rarely evaluated to see how their mental, emotional, and physical health is doing, though it is being taxed every day.

So, what can be done to care for them?

Caregivers need to be taught that their well-being actually comes before the wellbeing of those they care for. It’s like an airplane oxygen mask – if you don’t put it on yourself first, you may black out before you can get it on your children.

They need to be taught that they are not selfish or weak if they feel they need a break. It is okay to ask for help – that their self-worth doesn’t depend on being there 24/7, but in giving loving, adequate care, which may include help from others, from nurses, or taking breaks.